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Monday, March 18, 2013

Testing new soap colors

You would never look at me and say, 'you can tell she's an artist'. You'll never find me wearing a colorful smock or a tilted beret. I don't have random piercings, and my hair is a rather boring shade of brown. (Yes, I am stereotyping artists. Pretty poorly, if you ask me). Yet, I see the world through an artistic lens. I get an itch that can only be scratched through creating something. Sometimes that something is a beautiful meal for my family. Sometimes that something is a crocheted blanket for a friend. Sometimes that something is translating a scent into an interesting soap design.

One of the greatest things about making soap for a living is the outlet I get for my creativity. With soap you can choose from a hundred different ingredients. There are a thousand additives you can choose, shapes you can make, and scents you can blend. Not only that, but there are a million ways to color your soap. Do you use micas? Oxides? Cocoa Powder? The list goes on and on. Recently, I found a fun way to test out my new colors without committing any one color to an entire loaf of soap.

Silicone Cupcake Papers

While strolling through Bed, Bath, and Beyond I came across reusable silicone cupcake papers. Each one holds about 2 ounces of batter and can be tossed into the dishwasher. Easy!

Mixing the colors into the soap

This time around, I was testing 11 colors from Celestial Colors and one color from Brambleberry. I poured the batter, added the color, and mixed well.

Curing on my desk for a few weeks
After unmolding them the following day, I set them on  my desk to cure for the next few weeks. The cure time was important because as you may know, colors can change drastically as the soap dries out. What starts as neon green, can end up a deep emerald, for example.

Finally, when I was satisfied with the cure time, I placed them on a tray I had, labeled them and referred to the tray of soap for color inspiration! Have you been able to come up with creative ways to test colors? I would love to hear what you've done!

Final Colors with Labels

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