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Monday, March 4, 2013

The On-the Go Remedy Stick is back!!

Several years ago, over wine and appetizers, I had my best girlfriends over to test out formulations I was coming up with for my organic skincare line, Plein de Vie (meaning 'Full of Life' in French). While testing out lotions, and oils, and scrubs, one of my friends grabbed a jar off my counter which was not supposed to be a part of the sampling group. I told her to ignore it because it was a diaper balm formulation gone wrong and I had a ways to go before it was ready for feedback.

Of course, the girls all ignored me and decided to try it out anyway. What I discovered that evening was that they loved the balm - not as a diaper balm, but as a healing balm. The idea for a healing balm in a tube was born that night! After several months of research and testing, I formulated the final product: The On-the-Go Remedy Stick.

On-the-Go Remedy Stick

Designed to help with cuts, scrapes, rashes, sunburn, windburn, chapped lips, dry skin (especially during pregnancy), diaper rash, and as a mini-massage stick, I also learned that it had also been helping people with significant razor burn, eczema, and mild acne outbreaks as well. In fact, it was such a handy little healer that it was named "Best of Beauty" by Seattle Magazine, was an Editor's Pick in 425 Magazine, a 'Must Have' item in Seattle Metropolitan Bride, and was featured in the Teen Vogue Blog and the Bellevue Reporter (among others).
Best of Beauty

The .5 ounce tube easily fits into any purse, diaper bag, or first aid kit.  Boasting an impressive 85% certified organic ingredient list, the only ingredients that aren’t considered organic are Vitamin E Oil, Wild-harvested Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract, and Candelilla Wax; a Vegan alternative to beeswax.

So why didn't this product make it to store shelves? Well, to be honest, life got in the way, things changed, and I closed Plein De Vie. Now that I am back in the business with The Seattle Soap Shop, I knew the right thing to do was to bring the On-the-Go Remedy Stick back.

You can only get it on the Seattle Soap Shop website. Check it out and let me know how it helped you!

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