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Monday, July 8, 2013

Making lemonade out of lemons (a.k.a. how to fix a batch of soap you messed up)

One of my best selling soaps is called Baby Bibb Lettuce. Strange, right? Who would have thought a lettuce inspired soap would sell so well? It is actually a very nice, fresh scent and fits well into my unisex category.

Baby Bibb Soap
Originally, I did my Baby Bibb with a 3 color swirl of Green Chrome Oxide (Brambleberry), Emerald (Celestial Colors), and another random green I happened to pick up somewhere. I added additional green swirl embeds and it turned out looking pretty cool. As I started my next round of Baby Bibb soap earlier this week, everything was going great. Swirls were working, the 'Soap Gods' were on my side, the sun was shining, and then I realized I completely forgot to add my olive and castor oils. Whoops!

I quickly dumped the perfectly swirled soap batter back into the pot, added my oils, and then shed a single tear over the loss of my soap. Just joking. Seriously though, I was pretty mad.

Here's where the lemonade comes in...

Soap Squares
After much thought and contemplation as to what I could do with this now solid mass of green soap, I rolled up my sleeves and got chopping. The big log of soap became an equal amount of cool green squares. Due to the fact that I had used all my Baby Bibb Lettuce fragrance oil up, I combined a few other garden fresh fragrances, added a splash of green to that batter and mixed my squares in.
The New Baby Bibb Soap

In the end, I lost my original vision, but gained yet another valuable lesson on the importance of being creative and rolling with the punches. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When you screw up your soap, chop it up and turn it into something cool.