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Friday, January 24, 2014

Barley's Angels Takes Being a Cool Chick to a Whole New Level

Chicks who drink good beer? Cool. Chicks who brew their own beer? Awesome. As an avid IPA lover myself, I was thrilled when Barley's Angels Seattle decided to do a write-up about The Seattle Soap Shop beer soaps.

Courtney Merino with husband, Manny

Barley's Angels is an international organization of women who love craft beer. Some women are home brewers (like the head of the Seattle Chapter, Courtney Merino) and some of the women are just lovers of great beer. Either way, they are taking their passion for something, educating themselves on it, and sharing it with others. Women supporting women in a predominately male industry. Gotta love that!

Barley's Angels Seattle holds beer based events (such as brewery tours) and membership is free. Learn more about Barley's Angels Seattle, Courtney Merino, or how to join by visiting their website at:

Read the fun write up they did about the Seattle Soap Shop beer soaps at:


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