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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Annual Holbrook/Ebeling Pumpkin Carving Contest

Goofy picture before we get started

We are a pretty competitive little family. By this, I mean we love to razz one another and compete in a fun & silly way – not a negative & over the top sort of way. Now that my oldest son Nate is 13, the competition is even better! Add to the fact that my new husband has been added to the mix; well…let’s just say that the bar has been raised.

Throughout the year, we have a pumpkin carving contest, a Thanksgiving or Christmas cookie decorating contest, and an Easter egg dying contest. I used to be the winner more often than not. Not any longer!
We sent the below picture to a Facebook vote. The results? 

Spooky Tree (my husband’s): 9 votes
ACDC (my son’s): 5 votes
My husband Steve. 2012 winner!
Seahawks (mine): 4 votes

I must say, living in Seattle, I would have bet money that my Seahawks pumpkin would have dominated but I was in last place. Bummer. I’ll get them next time!

Nate and I

Here’s to you and yours incorporating your own fun family traditions – even if they include you losing a silly competition every once in a while.

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